The Long Island Orchid Society meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month.

Knights of Columbus, Joseph Barry Council 2520
45 Heitz Place, Hicksville, NY 11801

(The venue is approximately a 10 to 12 minute walk [0.6 mile] from the LIRR Hicksville Station)



Culture Corner is at 7:30 pm (except when noted) and the meeting starts at 8:00 pm sharp.

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2019 Calendar

January 10 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: James Freeman
Topic: Latouria Dendrobiums

Jim Freeman has been growing orchids in windows, basements and office cubicles for years and will be sharing his knowledge of Latouria Dendrobiums at our January meeting.

Jim spent three years practicing environmental justice law at Brooklyn Legal Services in Williamsburg. He then changed gears professionally and earned a teaching certificate in Adolescent Social Studies from Pace University. He has taught classes in Social Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy to 6th grade to through college level and is an adjunct professor at St. Francis College.

Jim has continued his environmental work as a garden coach and a volunteer garden guide at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and teaches classes at the New York Botanic Garden in a wide range of topics from Fragrant Indoor Gardening to Phaleanopsis Care. Jim is an avid gardener and regularly lectures at orchid societies in the New York area to share his orchid obsession.
February 14 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Tom Sampliner
Topic: Native Orchids of North America

For our February meeting Tom Sampliner will introduce us to the varied and beautiful orchids that can be found in North America.
Tom’s post-retirement career has enlarged upon his lifelong hobby of nature study. An experienced naturalist, Tom guides nature trips and walks, writes articles and shows images taken from his nature hunting travels that have appeared in various magazines and journals. He teaches various nature subjects to both seniors and school children: mushrooms, wildflowers and native plants, and nature photography. In recent years he has been called upon to give talks to various societies and share his knowledge of the natural world.
March 14

LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Dave Horak
Topic: The Fascinating World of Miniature Orchids

Currently the Curator of the Orchid Collection and the Robert W. Wilson Aquatic House of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, David Horak is an accredited judge of the American Orchid Society, and past Chair of its Conservation Committee. He served as the President of the Greater New York Orchid Society, and as the show chair of the dramatic New York International Orchid Show at the Winter Garden, and later at Rockefeller Center. Dave’s reputation as a grower of note is especially linked to his interest in less frequently encountered orchids; plants which often illustrate the group’s fascinating adaptive strategies and ecologies.
A native of Iowa and a Brooklynite from before it was “hip” Dave joins the Long Island Orchid Society with his presentation about the fascinating world of miniature orchids. Beautiful plant photos are a signature element of any presentation organized by Dave, but these images will be paired with discussion of both commonly and rarely encountered plants in cultivation. Success with any orchid, and miniatures in particular, depends upon the ability of the grower to meet a subject plant’s cultural needs. As much depends upon the plant, its tolerance for mistakes, and its resilience in a range of conditions (such as humidity levels, temperature, and dormancy). Don’t miss this discussion of the challenges and rewards of growing miniature orchids from one of the most respected growers in the northeast, and discover what fascinates growers about these diverse and diminutive species and hybrids. —David Taft

April 11 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Phillip Hamilton, Bredren Orchids
Topic: Broughtonia and Their Hybrids
Phillip will be selling plants at the meeting

Raised in Jamaica, Phillip Hamilton learned the ropes of the orchid business from his father at the well-known Hamlyn’s Orchids. But expanding from his father’s well-known interest in Broughtonia, Phillip’s passion was for Phalaenopsis and its hybrids. The orchid-bug bit young Phillip at eight years old.

Phillip has since earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Environmental Horticulture, worked at two production nurseries as a grower and manager, and is a respected, American Orchid Society accredited judge. His current business, Bredren Orchids, specializes in Phalaenopsis and Broughtonia hybrids and species.

With his wife, Liz’s assistance, Phillip is growing his Bredren Orchids business, continuing his work developing lines of hybrid and species Phalaenopsis and Broughtonias, but expanding beyond the strictly mail-order business.

Join the Long Island Orchid Society in welcoming Mr. Hamilton as he brings his presentation about the Genus Broughtonia, and its species and hybrids, to Long Island on Thursday April 11.

Mr. Hamilton will be bringing a variety of his Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Broughtonia plants for sale at the meeting. —David Taft
May 9 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Gary Meyer, Colombian Orchid Imports
Topic: Dracuphilla: A Gothic Romance

At the young age of ten or eleven, Gary Meyer began growing plants that could survive in his parent’s Michigan backyard. It wasn’t long before he succumbed to the beauty of native orchids, especially Cypripediums, a genus with which Michigan is well endowed.

This early interest eventually led, now Doctor Meyer, to study and collect exotic tropical orchids such as Masdevallia and Dracula. Currently, Dr. Meyer resides in San Francisco where he holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience, and studies oncological drugs and their use in cancer care in the United States.

Dr. Meyer spends several months a year in Colombia and Ecuador where he can study Draculas and Masdevallias in situ. As a USDA/APHIS licensed importer of CITES protected material, Dr. Meyer maintains a business importing orchids and other rare plants. Though he is unable to bring plants to his presentation, his website: Colombian Orchid Imports lists a wide variety of orchid species and specialty plants available for sale. Meanwhile, Dr. Meyer hopes to set up a finca of his own in Columbia one day, where he can be even closer to his beloved tropicals.

Join the Long Island Orchid Society in welcoming Dr. Gary Meyer as he presents “Dracuphilia: A Gothic Romance” on Thursday night, May 9. Come early for coffee, snacks, and socializing at 7pm. Long Island Orchid Society Vice President, and resident orchid expert Rich Heesler, will conduct his always informative “Culture Corner” for growers interested in specific answers to the challenges of orchid growing. And don’t forget to bring your blooming orchids!All members are invited to display their plants for discussion and recognition at the review table. Dr. Meyer begins his presentation at 8pm. —David Taft
May 31-June 2 Long Island Orchid Festival 2019

The Long Island Orchid Society
in conjunction with
Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park
presents the sixth annual

Long Island Orchid Festival 2019
Orchids and Vendors from Around the World
9 AM to 5 PM

Planting Fields Arboretum
State Historic Park

Conference Center
1395 Planting Fields Road
Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Admission is Free
(Planting Fields Arboretum Parking $8 per car)

June 13 LIOS Meeting and Spring Auction

Each member should bring in a dish (appetizer, main course, or dessert) large enough for at least 6 people. LIOS will provide the wine, beer and soda, along with the paper goods. The dinner will begin at about 6:30pm with the auction starting at 7:30-7:45.

For the June Special Show Table bring your best plant (one only please) for a chance to win a gift.
(For our new members: a show table entry should be an orchid that you have brought into bloom not a flowering plant you recently acquired.)

Bring Orchid Loving Friends--All plant sales help pay for the speakers we have at our meetings each month, so let’s be generous and get great plants & great programs in return! The auction features flower photos & culture notes on the big screen so you can learn how to grow each orchid from our master auctioneer & orchid guru Rich Heeseler!

No Culture Corner.
July 11 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Sam Tsui, Orchid Inn
Topic: The Brachypetalum and Parvisepalum and their Culture
Sam will be selling plants at the meeting

Sam Tsui, the founder of Orchid Inn continues his incredible run of awards. As of May of 2017, Sam’s orchids have garnered over 275 awards from the American Orchid Society, the European Orchid Congress, and the Cymbidium Society of America. These are not minor awards, they include Fifteen First Class Certificates (AOS/FCC’s) Certificates of Cultural Excellence (AOS/CCE’s), and one of his Paphiopedilum rothschilidianum’s was selected the Grand Champion of the 2017 Dresden International Orchid Show, in Germany.

Mr. Tsui founded the Orchid Inn Ltd with his wife Jeanie innocently enough in the 1980’s in their basement and then in several attached greenhouses. The business has now grown to six acres, including a 6,000 square foot greenhouse where over 300 crosses are raised, and four to five thousand flasks (about 100,000 seedlings) are established annually.

Best known for his line bred Paphiopedilum species and unique hybrids, Sam has been traveling extensively, presenting his plants and his programs from Australia to Europe, the United States, Japan and Canada. His expertise has made him a judge in demand at various orchid shows, including the Japan Grand Prix, the world’s largest orchid show.

Join the Long Island Orchid Society in welcoming Sam Tsui of the Orchid Inn Ltd, on Thursday, July 11, 2019 as he presents: “The Brachypetalum and Parvisepalum and their Culture.” Detailed information about two increasingly popular species within Paphiopedilum. This is a must see for devoted slipper fans.

Mr. Tsui will be bringing orchids for sale.

Hospitality begins at 7pm. Culture Corner with Rich Heesler at 7:30pm, review of show table orchids (remember to bring your best bloomers!) and Mr. Tsui’s presentation begins at 8pm.

August 8 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Linda Wilhelm, Woodland Orchids
Topic: The Real Miltonias
Linda will be selling plants at the meeting

Orchids are addictive! Just ask Linda Wilhelm, who began growing orchids after a 1980 vacation to Florida. She innocently bought a Cattleya seedling, and eight years later both her plant and her obsession bloomed.

When she married Rolf, a man who also caught the orchid bug, it fanned the flames of a growing obsession which eventually led to the creation of “Woodland Orchids” in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Although Linda began with breeding lines of warmth tolerant Oncidiinae, this interest gradually morphed into breeding and raising miniature and compact Catlleyas. And the hobby didn’t stop there, as her interests drifted into the breeding of other genera – both species and hybrids. As a result, Linda and Rolf even have some fascinating Stanhopea hybrids to their credit.

Linda is a much sought after Judge for the American Orchid Society (AOS) and has held a variety of positions including Chair of the Carolinas Judging Center. Most recently, she has held the position of training coordinator, and has also been a trustee of the American Orchid Society for the past six years.

Her passion for orchids has been the ticket to many international orchid shows, some as far flung as Central and South America and Kenya. She is an avid lecturer, speaking in many orchid societies in the United States, Brazil, Trinidad, Barbados and Guatemala.

Join Ms. Wilhelm as she discusses “The Real Miltonias” and her orchid passion at the Long Island Orchid Society on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

She will be bringing some of her most interesting species and hybrids for sale. —David Taft
September 12 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Arthur Chadwick, Chadwick's Orchids
Topic: Large Flowered Cattleyas
Arthur will be selling plants at the meeting

Art holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State and an MBA from James Madison. He founded the Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc in 1989 with his father who has been growing orchids since 1943.
‘The Classic Cattleyas’ is widely considered to be the definitive book on large flowered Cattleya species and was written by Art and his father. Martha Stewart favorably reviewed the book and had both Chadwicks on her TV Show.

Art has the distinction of naming Cattleya hybrids after the wives of the last four U.S. Presidents and personally presenting the flowers to the honored recipients. He speaks internationally, most recently at the Western Australian Orchid Conference and the World Orchid Conference in France. Each month since 2002, the Richmond Times Dispatch publishes Art’s orchid advice column. The Winston-Salem Journal now also runs the popular column.

Chadwicks operates 11 greenhouses in rural Powhatan County, a retail store in Richmond, and boards over 13,000 orchids for local clients. The company was recently featured in Southern Living Magazine and the New York Times. When not growing orchids, Art enjoys outdoor recreation and raising two children.
October 10 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Glenn Decker, Piping Rock Orchids
Topic: Phragmipedium Culture
Glenn will be selling plants at the meeting

Most Long Island Orchid Society members know Glen Decker as the smiling face behind Piping Rock Orchids’ expertly grown Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. His table has been a fixture at the entrance to our Annual Orchid Festival for several years. Glen has been growing orchids for over 40 years, and has owned Piping Rock for more than 20 of those. Having recently sold the business, Glen is representing Piping Rock under its new ownership, still committed to breeding and showing quality, well grown orchid species and hybrids in Galway, New York.
Mr. Decker holds an associate’s degree in applied science in ornamental horticulture. He was the previous chair of the American Orchid
Society's publications committee and a past director of the Orchid Digest Corporation. Though he has won numerous American Orchid Society (AOS) awards, including the Butterworth Prize, Nax Trophy, WW Wilson Award and the Carlyle A. Luer Award, most recognize him from his appearances on Martha Stewart's Better Living Magazine and on the PBS TV special "Orchid Delirium."

As a writer, Glen is responsible for the rewrite of the slipper orchids section of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's "The Best Orchids for Indoors" and was the technical editor for the well-known "Orchids for Dummies" book. He has written many articles on Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium, which have been published worldwide.

It is the genus Phragmipedium that Glen will be addressing this month at the Long Island Orchid Society’s monthly meeting. Hugely popular with experienced orchid growers, the recent discovery of Phragmipedium kovachii and the legal wranglings that ensued over this nearly eight inch, fuschia colored flower, placed this genus into a white-hot spotlight.

Fortunately, Phragmipedium as a genus exhibits highly exotic variations in color and form, and are willing subjects for hobbyist orchid growers. Though they generally appreciate higher light levels than other slipper orchids like Paphiopedilums, “Phrags” are frequently recommended to orchid growers who are heavy handed waterers. But, as with anything “orchidaceous,” the reality is actually more subtle so Glen will be speaking about the plants themselves, as well as their culture.—David Taft
November 14 LIOS Meeting
Speaker: Beth Davis, Waldor Orchids
Topic: What Is A Beth Plant: Welcome to the Weird, Wacky, World of Orchids
Beth will be accepting preorders and selling plants at the meeting

Ever wanted to grow an orchid or have you already taken the plunge and are enjoying their beauty? Come out and hear all the tricks for great orchid culture and maybe even treat yourself to a new orchid plant. Beth Davis will be here to tell us all about orchids being unusual and exotic but relatively easy to grow. Beth will be presenting basic culture information as well as doing a hands-on potting demonstration. There will be an emphasis on transplanting, grooming and some of the different ways to re-pot your orchid. She will have plants to demonstrate with along with plants for sale.

Beth is a third generation orchid grower from Waldor Orchids located in Linwood, NJ. Waldor is a family owned business and has been that way since 1925. She has worked at the greenhouses for over 20 years doing many different jobs. Beth chaired the Ocean City Flower Show for 4 years and has worked with the International Amphibian Days Organization in Baltimore, MD. She also served on the Environmental Commission in her town and Sustainable Monroe's Green Team. She is currently in the American Orchid Society judging program studying as a student.
December 12 LIOS Meeting and Winter Auction

Each member should bring in a dish (appetizer, main course, or dessert) large enough for at least 6 people. LIOS will provide the wine, beer and soda, along with the paper goods. The dinner will begin at about 6:30pm with the auction starting at 7:30-7:45.

For the December Special Show Table bring your best plant (one only please) for a chance to win The Claire Buschel Memorial Award Prize.
(For our new members: a show table entry should be an orchid that you have brought into bloom not a flowering plant you recently acquired.)

Bring Orchid Loving Friends--All plant sales help pay for the speakers we have at our meetings each month, so let’s be generous and get great plants & great programs in return! The auction features flower photos & culture notes on the big screen so you can learn how to grow each orchid from our master auctioneer & orchid guru Rich Heeseler!

No Culture Corner.