Welcome to the Long Island Orchid Society

Established in 1953, The Long Island Orchid Society is a group of fun-loving orchid growers with a wide range of experience.


Our members grow in every possible environment: on windowsills, under lights, and in large or small greenhouses.We have pure beginners who want to know how to keep their recent orchid acquisition alive and how to get it to bloom again. Some of our members are experimenting beyond the realm of the widely-available moth and slipper orchids into the world of exotic species and complex hybrids.


The goal of the Long Island Orchid Society is to provide its members with the knowledge to make orchid growing fun. The Long Island Orchid Society has monthly exhibitions and raffles, knowledgeable speakers, periodic auctions of a wide range of orchids and a monthly culture corner, where growers of all skill levels bring their plants and questions and receive expert guidance. Join us soon!


We have an UPDATED New HICKSVILLE Venue! Click HERE for info.

Next Meeting:
February 11


Gregory Griffis

"12 Orchids Everyone Should Grow" 

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Long Island
Orchid Festival 2015
Long Island orchid Festival 2013

May 29-31

Thanks for making our 2015 Festival a big success, we hope to see you next year!


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